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posted Nov 20, 2010, 8:59 AM by Unknown user
The enigmatic JoeWho? returns to the pages of Wormwood Chronicles with one of his in-depth interviews! This time around, Joe chats with members of the rising tech-death prodigies DECREPIT BIRTH, whose new record "Polarity" is turning a lot of heads! Find out from guitarist Matt Sotelo and vocalist Bill Robinson what makes these guys tick and get their opinions on the extreme music scene. It's a cosmic confabulation that you can read right HERE!
The Torture Chamber archives are now complete up to the letter "E" and continuing to fill up, so check out past reviews if you're interested. As for the latest additions to the Torture Chamber, here they are and it's a pretty diverse bunch this time around:
ATHEIST                                                                             "Jupiter"
PATHOLOGY                                                                        "Legacy of the Ancients"
ELECTRIC WIZARD                                                                "Black Masses"
THE MEMORIALS                                                                  "The Memorials"
LIMBONIC ART                                                                     "Phantasmagoria"
DAVID "ROCK" FEINSTEIN                                                      "Bitten By the Beast"
Next week, we should have some massive additions to our Concert Review section with exclusive reviews of ACCEPT, WRETCHED and the 5th annual ILDM Thanksgiving Bash!