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posted Mar 23, 2016, 7:35 AM by Mike Korn   [ updated Mar 23, 2016, 7:35 AM ]


Over their lengthy career, the Finnish band CONVULSE have been hard to pin down. Shifting from pure grisly death metal to peppy death n roll to Folkish death-prog, they are a creatively restless bunch. Therefore, the ideal band for Wormwood Chronicles to interview. I talk to supreme growler RAMI JAMSA about the band's odd twists and turns, their worship of the Finnish prog bands of the 70's and how becoming a trio actually helped them keep their creative spark alive. It's an interesting journey which you can join HERE!

We might be coming to a bit of a slow spot here at Wormwood as the Good Doctor is getting involved in some new world-conquering plans in my laboratory and it's taking a big chunk of my time. I will spill the beans later on this other endeavor, but stay patient, because I promise good stuff is coming up here.

Speaking of good (and weird) stuff, here's this week's edition of the Torture Chamber:

ORANSSI PAZUZU                                           "Varahtelija"

DREAM DEATH                                                "Dissemination"

DEADLY SIN (SLOTH)                                       "Another Sin"

CASKET ROBBERY                                            "Evolution of Evil"

EMBALMER                                                     "Emanations From The Crypt"

UREAS                                                          "The Black Heart Album"