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posted Feb 2, 2016, 4:19 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Feb 2, 2016, 4:19 PM ]


It's time to head back to that nostalgic killing field of Camp Crystal Lake. We're on our way to talk to Mr. ARI LEHMAN, who also happened to be the very first person to portray the beloved but murderous JASON VOORHEES! Ari played Jason before the young fiend ever found that hockey mask! But since that fateful day in 1980, he's gone on to front his own unique horror-metal band FIRST JASON! I managed to keep sharp objects away as I asked Ari what it was like to be at the birth of a legend, what his relationship with the late BETSY PALMER was like, what Jason means to him personally and also about the musical mayhem he's been spreading the last couple of decades. Put on your splatter-proof bib and prepare to get slashed HERE!

Next week should see our annual TOP 10 OF 2015 lists from the Wormwood writers. As usual, we went down to the wire getting submissions, but they're in and next week you get to see what us scum thought of 2015 musically. Always a fun time! Also, working on getting some new interviews...more to follow!

This week's edition of the Torture Chamber is one of our expanded versions, bursting at the seams with the fruit of the underground! And we have the first review from a NEW writer known only as MOON BEAST!

SECRETS OF THE MOON                                          "Sun"

PRIMAL FEAR                                                        "Rulebreaker"

COAL CHAMBER                                                     "Rivals"

MAGIC CIRCLE                                                      "Journey Blind"

MILLARIUM                                                           "First Blood Running"

SANKTUARY                                                          "Winter's Doom"

ABHORRENT                                                          "Intransigence"

DIVIDED MULTITUDE                                              "Divided Multitude"

PURTENANCE                                                         "To Spread The Flame of Ancients"