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posted Jan 19, 2016, 2:25 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Jan 19, 2016, 2:25 PM ]


Here's an interview you can put in the "dead file"! The body of CHRIS REIFERT, drummer and vocalist of long-time death metal sickos AUTOPSY, was recently delivered here to Wormwood Laboratories, where I proceeded to revive the corpse and then interrogate the subject. For a dead man, Chris was pretty humorous and had a lot to say about how Autopsy sticks to its guns and keeps spreading the sickness. If you like your metal nice and sick, I would suggest you don't pass this chat up. Click HERE and let the inquest begin!

And now the big news I was hinting about last week. The Good Doctor has managed to nab not one but two major interviews that will appear shortly here at Wormwood! First, I talked to "THE DEMOLITION MAN" TONY DOLAN from VENOM INC. about the genesis of this band containing 2/3 of the original VENOM as well as Tony himself. That was a really cool chat you don't want to miss! And I also grabbed an interview with RALF SCHEEPERS from the German true metal masters, PRIMAL FEAR! In addition, we've got a great tribute to the late great LEMMY KILMISTER coming up! More to follow...

It now seems fitting to introduce a super-sized version of the Torture Chamber, with musical styles all across the underground map...

SAXON                                                               "Battering Ram"


CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX                                     "Dark New Age"

MAMMOTH STORM                                                "Fornjot"

LIBERTY'S EXILES                                                "The Price of Immortality"

FROZEN OCEAN                                                   "The Prowess of Dormition"

BLOOD OF THE WOLF                                            "I: The Law of Retaliation"

SILENT LINE                                                        "Shattered Shores"

THE OXFORD COMA                                               "Paris Is Mine!"