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posted Dec 8, 2015, 4:42 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Dec 8, 2015, 4:42 PM ]


There have been a lot of cool interviews here at Wormwood Laboratories lately but I have to say this one is a special favorite. I have a heart-to-heart with Mr. LEE DORRIAN, one of the most respected names ever in the doom metal field. After the breakup of his monumental band CATHEDRAL, Lee has now put together a new bone crushing project called WITH THE DEAD, featuring the contributions of former ELECTRIC WIZARD members TIM BAGSHAW and MARK GREENING. Lee tells us how this unusual band came to be and a lot more. We hear about the hard times following the end of Cathedral, the harsh clash with Electric Wizard and the long hard road to success of his doom metal label RISE ABOVE RECORDS. This is a long heartfelt discussion that covers a lot of ground and you can savor it HERE!

I'm tickled a bright and ugly shade of pink to tell you humanoids I've also managed to grab an interview with the disgusting CHRIS REIFERT from death metal psychopaths AUTOPSY. That will be turning your stomachs here very shortly. We've also swung a chat with none other than ARI LEHMAN of FIRST JASON...not only was he the very first guy to play homicidal goalie JASON VOORHEES in the movies but he also plays in a very successful metal/punk band!And I can confirm my next film article will look at the career of DAVID L. HEWITT, "The Wizard of Zero"!

And to keep things nice and festive, let head into the Torture Chamber and see what grisly delights await us there...

HOODED MENACE                                                   "Darkness Drips Forth"

GRAVE                                                                  "Out of Respect For The Dead"

KRONOS                                                               "Arise New Era"

42 DECIBEL                                                           "Rolling In Town"

CHRISTIAN MISTRESS                                            "To The Death"

NAR MATTARU                                                       "Ancient Atomic Warfare"

GRAVE RITUAL                                                      "Morbid Throne"

SACRIFICIUM CARMEN                                           "Ikuisen Tulen Kammlossa"

FUCK THE FACTS                                                   "Desire Will Rot"