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posted Nov 24, 2015, 5:28 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Nov 24, 2015, 5:28 PM ]


Once in a while, someone comes along that becomes the voice of an entire style of music. For SEAN PECK, it's classical heavy metal in the style of Judas Priest, Mercyful Fate and Manowar and he is definitely the man of the moment. I managed to squeeze in a detailed and revealing chat with Sean, who has no less than three current products bearing his name. And we talk about them all! We find out the story behind the latest epic concept album by CAGE entitled "Ancient Evil", we get the lowdown on the second album from the fast-rising supergroup DEATH DEALER and finally we learn how he hooked up with two of metal's greatest guitarists for his newest endeavor, DENNER/SHERMANN! And because too much is never enough, you'll also learn about a mind-blowing new project he's involved with. See if you can keep up with him HERE!

I can now confirm we will be getting an interview with Mr. ARI LEHMAN of FIRST JASON...the first person to play the infamous JASON VOORHEES in the FRIDAY THE 13TH franchise. Not only that, but he's the lead singer in a cool punk/metal band! I'm also working on getting an interview with one of the sickest and longest running death metal bands in the biz. Plus more is on the way, including a live report of KING DIAMOND and EXODUS in action!

This is Thanksgiving week in the States, so we've got a STUFFED version of the Torture Chamber with some very unusual entrants. Sample the feast here...

GENTLEMANS PISTOLS                                          "Hustlers Row"

RAMLEH                                                              "Circular Time"

THY CATAFALQUE                                                 "Sgurr"

SNAFU                                                               "Present Day Plague"

PUTREVORE                                                        "Tentacles of Horror"

EARTHSIDE                                                        "A Dream In Static"

GNOSIS                                                             "The Third Eye Gate"

COLD NORTHERN VENGEANCE                                "Maelstrom"

BLOODWAY                                                         "Mapping the Moment With the Logic of Dreams"