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posted Oct 20, 2015, 4:06 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Oct 20, 2015, 4:06 PM ]


This week Mr. OCTOPI MILLS goes on all fours as he interviews SCRUFF from the veteran British punk/metal wolfpack known as HELLBASTARD. These guys have been a constant presence in the deepest underground for almost 30 years and Scruff sure has a lot to say about what has kept them going. We hear his heartfelt feelings about animals and the environment, the evil of humanity and the integrity of the Hellbastard approach to music. This is a very deep and honest interview, so get your rabies shot and check it out HERE!

Hope to have one more big interview this year...will let you humanoids know when I bag it. Suffice to say, it might just make you SICK! Until then, we have chats with AMBASSADOR GUN, POTTYMOUTH, WITH THE DEAD, SEAN PECK, OF WOLVES and more to keep you occupied.

The Torture Chamber this week features some high-profile victims so dive right into it...

WASP                                             "Golgotha"

TEMPLE OF BAAL                              "Mysterium"

MOTORHEAD                                   "Bad Magic"

WITH THE DEAD                              "With The Dead"

LUCIFER'S FRIEND                           "Awakening"

ZEBRAS                                          "City of Sun"

MEATWOUND                                   "Addio"

TSAR BOMB                                     "Exterminans: XI-IX"

KILL RITUAL                                    "Karma Machine"