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posted Sep 22, 2015, 4:54 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Sep 22, 2015, 4:55 PM ]


DARK STARR gets a chance to pick the brains of a master of dark progressive rock...Mr. DALE SIMMONS of the band EXOVEX! Dale has worked with an amazing array of musical talent from diverse projects like GUNS N ROSES, DEVO, PORCUPINE TREE, NINE INCH NAILS and STEELY DAN through the years and you'll get to hear his impressions of working with them. You'll also hear about the new EXOVEX album "Radio Silence" and the great artists who inspired it. This is a project and an interview worthy of your attention, so look into it HERE!

SGT. DETH tells me that he grabbed a filthy interview with POTTYMOUTH member DREAD SPAGHETTI, who was also in a band you might have heard of called GREEN JELLO! Look for that jiggly chat soon, along with interviews of PENTAGRAM, HELLBASTARD, HATE ETERNAL, WOMBBATH and possibly more. I also should be getting a first hand report on WACKEN 2015 from Wormwood alumni THRASH-HEAD very shortly!

Now for a heaping helping of Torture Chamber reviews covering about every underground genre you can think of!

KATAKLYSM                                              "Of Ghosts and Gods"

AUTHOR & PUNISHER                                 "Melk En Honing"

IN DEFENCE                                              "Don't Fuck With the Dungeon Master"

YELLOWTOOTH                                           "Crushed By the Wheels of Progress"

PETRICHORUS                                            "Hawkraft"

CUT UP                                                     "Forensic Nightmares"

DEATHRITE                                                "Revelation of Chaos"

DISTANT SUN                                             "Dark Matter"

WATERTANK                                               "Destination: Unknown"

VAEE SOLIS                                                "Adversarial Light"