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posted Sep 1, 2015, 4:55 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Sep 1, 2015, 4:55 PM ]


Mr. THERON MOORE this week gets to talk to not one but TWO doctors! And they couldn't be farther apart in their focus! First, he goes to a dingy abandoned hospital in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where he speaks to RICH NOONAN JR. from the cult death metal band DR. SHRINKER! Why these sickos didn't hit it big is a mystery for the ages, but SHRINKER is back and ready to kill. Take a fun nostalgic trip through the death metal underground of yore HERE! Then, in a 180 degree turn, Theron adds an interesting new contribution to the Wormwood Files when he talks to famous UFOLogist and published author DR. BRUCE MACCABEE about the mysteries of strange objects in the sky. Are THEY in cahoots with our own government? What's the most interesting case Dr. Maccabee has looked into? You can find out the answers HERE!

More news on the interview front. This week I can confirm a talk with ERIK RUTAN of the blazing HELL ETERNAL...and also a producer of more than 75 albums! I should also have confirmation soon of an interview GREAT SUN JESTER did with a MAJOR name in the doom metal field. And I'm getting started on my film article about the outrageous movie on cross-dressing bikers, "The Pink Angels"! Plus that special report on this year's WACKEN festival!

We will top this all off with the latest additions to the Torture Chamber!

HIBRIA                                                       "Hibria"

SPEEDTRAP                                                 "Straight Shooter"

SKINLESS                                                   "Only the Ruthless Remain"

GNAW THEIR TONGUES                                 "Abyss of Longing Throats"

NINKHARSAG                                               "Blood of Celestial Kings"

SATURNIAN MIST                                         "Chaos Magick"

KARNATAKA                                                 "Secrets of Angels"