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posted Jun 9, 2015, 6:45 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Jun 9, 2015, 6:45 PM ]


On your feet or on your knees, humanoids, as DARK STARR travels to Asgard to interview prog metal killers ODIN'S COURT! He was granted an audience with band mastermind MATT BROOKINS, who had plenty to say. Are they prog, are they metal, are they melodic hard rock? Or all of the above? Matt tells it like it is and also speaks candidly about illegal downloading, the band's many influences and what his ideal music festival would be! Lift up thy head and hear his words HERE!

Now you can add the name of ARMORED SAINT to the list of upcoming interviews at Wormwood Chronicles! I snatched an interview with bass god JOEY VERA! Also coming up are HELLOWEEN, GRUESOME, OBSEQUIAE, SPACE PROBE TAURUS and more! If everything goes well, we should be adding a couple more major names to the list. Plus, I'm working on something different that has nothing to do with music, but should please all fans of the paranormal and bizarre! More details to come....NYDM Spring Bash report next week!

This week we would like to welcome a new voice to the chorus of Wormwood...RENATO BRUJO joins the Wormcrew. Check out his review of SECRETS OF THE SKY below!

SECRETS OF THE SKY                                                      "Pathway"

ENFORCER                                                                      "From Beyond"

SIGH                                                                               "Graveward"

HEIDEVOLK                                                                      "Velua"

SULPHUR AEON                                                               "Gateway To The Antisphere"

HAMMER KING                                                                 "Kingdom of the Hammer King"