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posted Apr 22, 2015, 4:14 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Apr 22, 2015, 4:15 PM ]


Lord Randall didn't have far to travel for this week's big Wormwood feature. Adams County, TN, is close to his old stomping grounds and it's also ground zero for the famous story of the Bell Witch...the most famous spook in American history. That tale has inspired a couple of dudes from Portland, Oregon to create a dire doom metal band named BELL WITCH. Randall hooked up with DYLAN DESMOND of Bell Witch in a dank Tennesse cave haunted by the old hag and got some dirt on the spectral duo and their music. Discover the anatomy of a doom metal haunting HERE!

News starting to trickle in about the shape of Wormwood in coming weeks. The Good Doctor has snagged interviews with drummer GUS RIOS from the sensational new band GRUESOME, who are dedicated to recreating the early sounds of DEATH! I can vouch that that's a killer interview. I also talked to JIMMY CHERRY from the North Dakota black/thrash warriors FROSTHELM! Theron Moore informs me that he's got interviews with MUTILATED BY ZOMBIES and SPACE PROBE TAURUS coming up and DARK STARR will lay a chat with prog metal wizards ODIN'S COURT upon us. Plus I will have a blow by blow review of the 5th annual NYDM SPRING BASH and a new Wormwood Files featuring the Great Amherst Haunting! Plus other stuff that's still under wraps!

Now for this week's session in the Torture Chamber. And it's bigger than usual, so pack a lunch...

THE SANITY DAYS                                                             "Evil Beyond Belief"

TORCHE                                                                           "Restarter"

DEHUMAN                                                                        "Graveyard of Eden"

KINGS DESTROY                                                              "Kings Destroy"

NIGHT DEMON                                                                 "Curse of the Damned"

SONUS UMBRA                                                                 'Winter Soulstice"

SATAN'S HOST                                                                 "Predating God Parts 1 & 2"

MARC GUNN                                                                     "Saint Patrick's Day Songs For Kids"

UNREST                                                                           "Grindcore"