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posted Mar 25, 2015, 9:32 AM by Mike Korn   [ updated Mar 25, 2015, 9:33 AM ]


It's been a while since we've delved into the world of freaky film. Well, this time I've selected one of the weirdest ever to focus on. This would be the first true Canadian horror film, the surreal 1961 shockfest "THE MASK", filmed and released in 3-D! No, this isn't the Jim Carrey multiplex abomination, but something altogether more disturbing and innovative. Join me as we descend into the misty hell of an undead world inhabited by robed priests and ghouls...the world you shall see when you put THE MASK on...NOW!

Speaking of surreal hells, look at the extended line-up of the new Torture Chamber, with something for everyone!

GARDEN OF WORM                                                        "Idle Stones"

TAAKE                                                                          "Stridens Hus"

ROCKET SCIENTISTS                                                     "Refuel"

PUTRID OFFAL                                                              "Mature Necropsy"

DE LA MUERTE                                                              "De La Muerte"

SARPANITUM                                                                "Blessed Be My Brothers"

HIC IACET                                                                    "The Cosmic Trance Into the Void"

WHYZDOM                                                                   "Symphony For A Hopeless God"

HATEFUL ABANDON                                                      "Liars, Bastards"