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posted Feb 3, 2015, 7:02 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Feb 3, 2015, 7:02 PM ]


You jokers think you're hardcore? You ain't got a f@#$in' clue! Let Wormwood introduce you to the new Kings of Extreme, EAT THE TURNBUCKLE! Hailing from...where else?...Philadelphia, this band has combined their love of brutal music with their passion for bloody pro wrestling mayhem like no one else. Forget those lame rockabilly bands with cheap lucha masks...each one of ETT's shows is an explosion of table-smashing, barbed wire bashing, gory action in true hardcore style! All mixed up with gnarly hardcore and thrash! Mr. THERON MOORE puts on his Kurt Angle singlet and goes toe-to-toe with ETT's SHLAK to get the truth on what life is like for the most insanely physical metal band in the universe. See what he had to say HERE but don't read if you're a pantywaist!

Something different on the horizon for Wormwood...I grabbed an interview with famed illustrator of the bizarre MICHAEL BUKOWSKI, who is on a quest to draw every single creature described in the Cthulhu Mythos of H. P. Lovecraft! He was a super cool guy to talk to despite his macabre interests! Also upcoming...BLOODBATH, FINSTERFORST, CRYPT SERMON and THULCANDRA! Plus my movie article on 'The Mask" (from 1961, not the 90's crap with Jim Carrey) and oh yeah, the ever-lovin' WORMWOOD TOP 10 OF 2014 lists from all the Wormcrew!

And now let me introduce you to the latest victims of the WC Torture Chamber, all trussed up for your perusal....

KARMA TO BURN                                                      "Arch Stanton"

CARDIAC ARREST                                                     "And Death Shall Set You Free..."

FINSTERFORST                                                        "Macht Dich Frei"

WINDS OF GENOCIDE                                               "Usurping the Throne of Disease"

ORESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE                                   "Music For Pogonologists"

ZERO DOWN                                                            "No Limit To The Evil"