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posted Jan 28, 2015, 12:25 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Jan 28, 2015, 2:04 PM ]
Dwelling in a world of flesh-eating zombies, knife-wielding maniacs and Satanic monstrosities, Mr. KILLJOY DeSADE is surely a tailor-made subject for a Wormwood Chronicles interview. Back when Killjoy started his forward-thinking horror metal band, virtually nobody was doing this sort of macabre music. Now the metal world is full of two-bit gorehounds and hooded pseudo-Satanists. Necrophagia has always been in a different place. If you have the nerve, find out more about that place in my interview HERE. See what Killjoy thinks of the current horror and metal scenes!
All sorts of interviews and features on the way. Our good Worm-Brother THERON MOORE will be providing interviews with long-running melodic black metal band THULCANDRA and epic German folk metallers FINSTERFORST in addition to brawling hardcore thrashers EAT THE TURNBUCKLE! We should also get a chat with HANDS OF ORLAC. The Good Doctor is working on an article about the scream-a-delic 1961 3D movie "The Mask" as well as a couple of other things I have yet to reveal! And before long we'll have the annual WORMWOOD TOP 10 OF 2014 lists!
Now for this week's Torture Chamber reviews...a bit heavier and gnarlier than usual!
UNISONIC                                              "Light of Dawn"
VENOM                                                  "From The Very Depths..."
GOAT SEMEN                                         "Ego Sum Satana"
CRETIN                                                  "Stranger"
HELLISH OUTCAST                                  "Stay of Execution"
HOUSE OF LIGHTNING                            "Lightworker"
CALM HATCHERY                                    "Fading Reliefs"
IDOL OF FEAR                                        "All Sights Affixed, Ablaze"
IN THE COMPANY OF SERPENTS              "Merging Into Light"