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posted Dec 17, 2014, 7:05 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Dec 17, 2014, 7:05 PM ]


Many of you Worm-maniacs that have been following the Chronicles for years will remember the name of CLASSIC CAMP and also his wrestling-obsessed alter ego SIR LAWRENCE ALEGDROP. Well, you can run, but you can never escape the shadow of Wormwood! Now CC has returned to give us his in person perspective on one of the East Coast's coolest events....MONSTERFEST! This annual Virginia gathering has collected some of the most dedicated horror fanatics around and this year's edition was the most successful yet. Join Camp as he wanders the halls and even dredges up a chat with eccentric horror host MR. LOBO! If you're wearing a sturdy pair of Depends, you can read the round-up HERE! Welcome back, Camp!

We've also got my live report on the recent show by epic metal kingpins MANILLA ROAD in Milwaukee. The Road were accompanied by the venerable WRATH and several other bands....we've got some great live photos courtesy of MERCYFUL MIKE SMITH! See what I thought of this shindig HERE!

We have an exceedingly excessive edition of the Torture Chamber this time around, one that is sure to flatten your brain like a squirrel on the highway...

ANAAL NATHRAKH                                                          "Desideratum"

MASSACRE                                                                     "Back From Beyond"

OBLITERATIONS                                                             "Poison Everything"

ANGUISH                                                                       "Mountain"

ALUNAH                                                                         "Awakening The Forest"

TORCH RUNNER                                                             "Committed To The Ground"

ANNIHILATED                                                                "XII Steps To Ruination"

KATTAH                                                                        "Lapis Lazuli"

SWALLOWED                                                                 "Lunarterial"

PHOBOCOSM                                                                 "Deprived"