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posted Nov 25, 2014, 6:56 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Nov 25, 2014, 6:56 PM ]


Been a long, LONG time since we've had a wrestling-related article here at Wormwood but the drought is over. I give blow-by-blow coverage of the "Fight The Fear Festival" presented on Halloween night by new local promotion STATELINE PRO WRESTLING! This card was a strong one, featuring top names like SABU, RHINO and TOMMASO CIAMPA along with strong regional talent like JUSTICE JONES and SEDUCE & DESTROY. A lot of fun was had by those who attended, including me and pal MISTRESS HYDRA, so why was this not a bigger success? Check out my report HERE as I ponder the state of the local wrestling scene...

You can add horror metal legends NECROPHAGIA to the list of bands we've interviewed! I snagged a chat with the loathsome KILLJOY DeSADE. There might be another major death metal act on the horizon soon, along with another possible wrestling piece and a live report of MANILLA ROAD. Who knows? We may even have a new member of the Wormcrew soon...

And now an extra-large serving of the Torture Chamber, featuring acts ranging from world-conquering to utterly obscure!

MACHINE HEAD                                                               "Bloodstone and Diamonds"

NECROPHAGIA                                                                "White Worm Cathedral"

CAVALERA CONSPIRACY                                                   "Pandemonium"

EMIT                                                                               "Spectral Music of an Antiquary"

APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE                                                    "Of Woe and Wounds"

OCTOBER 31                                                                   "Bury The Hatchet''

LAIKA                                                                             "Somnia"

SOS                                                                                "Strength and Conditioning"

RIPPIKOULU                                                                    "Ulvaja"