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posted Sep 25, 2010, 9:11 AM by Unknown user
The dingy dungeons of Wormwood Laboratories are overflowing with strange and joyful news this week, humanoids! Let me share the news!
It's time for another WORMWOOD FILES article and this time I, Dr. Abner Mality, head into the forbidding desolation of the Gobi Desert in search of the MONGOLIAN DEATH WORM! Never heard of this elusive beast? You will. This fearsome crypto-creature is one of the most lethal organisms on Earth. Does it truly exist or is it mere hooey? Read the article HERE and see what you think!!
In recent months, the ranks of Wormwood Chronicles have expanded with new degenerates. Well, now I introduce another lost soul and this one may be the most demonic yet. Welcome to Wormwood the maniacal MATTHULU, who will be specializing in the blacker side of the musical spectrum. To prove his worthiness, he reviewed the latest from grim black metallers KRIEG, which you can see linked below!
And it also gives me great joy to report the return to the fold of the one and only THRASH-HEAD, the sharp-tongued veteran scribe, guitar whiz and specialist in ladies' garments! After an absence of several years, Thrash has made his comeback with a review of the new SYSTEM DIVIDE disc, which you can also see linked below!
Speaking of which, here are the new TORTURE CHAMBER reviews and it's a very notorious and interesting lot this time around, too!
KRIEG                                                 "The Isolationist"
REVOLTING                                        "The Terror Threshold"
SYSTEM DIVIDE                                 "The Conscious Sedation"
ACCEPT                                               "Blood of the Nations"
PLACE OF SKULLS                             "As A Dog Returns"
ANGREPP                                             "Warfare"
Lots, LOTS more great stuff on the way. Keep watching the skies, keep watching the skies!