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posted Nov 11, 2014, 4:37 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Nov 11, 2014, 4:37 PM ]


This week we have the latest in an outstanding series of related interviews conducted by THE GREAT SUN JESTER. Previously GSJ has talked to BRUCE WARTELL of TROUBLE, ERIC WAGNER formerly of TROUBLE and now fronting THE SKULL and BLACKFINGER and now he turns to drum maestro JEFF "OLY" OLSON, also the former skinsman for TROUBLE and now manning the kit for THE SKULL. Each of these guys has a completely different approach to life and music and it's pretty apparent that "Oly" has his head screwed on really straight. GSJ gets the most out of his conversation with the easy going Olson and winds up laughing a lot. Jeff has been in the rock and metal scene for 30 plus years and has a lot of amazing insight. Hear what he has to say and get a chuckle or two HERE!

I will definitely have a live report on the STATELINE PRO WRESTLING "Fight The Fear Festival" with SABU and RHINO coming up, along with a review of MANILLA ROAD in Milwaukee. Forthcoming interviews include DOG FASHION DISCO, OLD MAN GLOOM, EPIC and more! Always working on new stuff to amaze and astound...

New Torture Chamber reviews to wreck your minds!

EVERGREY                                                   "Hymns For The Broken"

BLOOD OF KINGU                                         "Dark Horn On The Right Side of the Crescent Moon"

EPIC                                                            "Zombie Hunters, Inc."

THE LURKING CORPSES                                 "Workin' For The Devil"

EVIL UNITED                                                 "Honored By Fire"

KHOLD                                                         "Til Endes"