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posted Sep 9, 2014, 4:24 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Sep 9, 2014, 4:25 PM ]


This week's edition of Wormwood brings us an enlightening conversation with MIKE SCHEIDT of the epic doom masters YOB, among others! YOB is one of the most consistently interesting and challenging heavy bands of the modern generation, coming up with their own immense interpretation of metal and offering music that enlarges the brain with thought as opposed to killing it with blood, alcohol and destruction. How does Mike balance the two opposing sides of YOB? What's his take on spirituality in metal and who are some of the artists that inspire him? You can find out HERE in a very cool chat with this thoughtful and well-spoken representative of the arts of high volume!

We will have an interview with VICTOR GRIFFIN pretty soon as well as BELPHEGOR's HELMUTH! Also preparing perhaps the most far-flung interview I've ever conducted, from a country hardly known for any kind of Western music, much less metal. More to come on that. And look out for a new article examining the bloody legacy of ROBERT QUARRY and COUNT YORGA!

Now for the Torture Chamber entries for this week...

TORN THE FUCK APART                                           "Sexually Transmitted Torture"

ACCEPT                                                                  "Blind Rage"

STEAK                                                                    "Slab City"

VARGA                                                                    "Return of the Metal"

GLASSHAMMER                                                        "Ode To Echo"

MARTYRDOD                                                            "Elddop"