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posted Aug 26, 2014, 6:51 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Aug 26, 2014, 6:51 PM ]


This week finds me in one of my favorite habitats...a dreary old cemetery. There I get to hook up with guitarist AXEL RITT of Germany's veteran metal manaics GRAVE DIGGER, who have been stalking the boneyards since 1980! They've just released a back to basics bruiser called "Return of the Reaper" that will get any headbanger's neck sore. Why the return to the more oldschool style? What is it that makes German fans so crazy? Grab a spade and dig up the answers with me HERE!

You can add Austrian demons BELPHEGOR to the list of interviews that will appear here at Wormwood! I guarantee a real interesting read with sinister frontman HELMUTH, who talks candid about his brush with death and other subjects. Plus, interview with VICTOR GRIFFIN, YOB, ERIC WAGNER and TELERGY are all on the way.

An interesting Torture Chamber awaits you this week, with a pretty wide variety of acts to consider...

ALESTORM                                                                   "Sunset On The Golden Age"

CORRUPT MORAL ALTAR                                                "Mechanical Tides"

CASTLE                                                                        "Under Siege"

ENGLISH DOGS                                                             "The Thing With Two Heads"

BASTARD SAPLING                                                        "Instinct Is Forever"

LILLIAN AXE                                                                  "One Night In The Temple"