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posted Jul 29, 2014, 6:45 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Jul 29, 2014, 6:45 PM ]


With a tear in my eye, I write my in-depth review of the fourth and final edition of DAYS OF THE DOOMED, the finest doom/stoner fest in the Midwest. This year's DOTD was the best, with sets by TROUBLE, JEX THOTH, AGE OF TAURUS and ORODRUIN, amongst many others. I cover the whole event and pay tribute to MERCYFUL MIKE SMITH, the organizer of this gathering of gloom. There are plenty of exclusive pics included as well. You can get the post-mortem right HERE. Bow your heads in solemn tribute to Days of the Doomed...

My Wormwood Files article on the bizarre case of EDWARD MORDRAKE is complete and will be appearing soon. I can also confirm I snagged an interview with Germany's morbid soldiers of true metal, GRAVE DIGGER! I am trying hard as hell to keep interesting articles going for you humanoids every week but it is not easy. There may be a week or two where we are quiet here at Wormwood Labs but be patient, we will have plenty of miscellaneous madness for you in the future!

One part of Wormwood that will never close is the Torture Chamber. Always plenty of victims there! Here's this week's bunch...

CRUSADER                                           "Onward Into Battle"

GRAVE DIGGER                                    "Return of the Reaper"

FROM HELL                                          "Ascent From Hell"

INCANTATION                                      "Dirges of Elysium"

CUTTHROATS 9                                    "Dissent"

EMPTINESS                                          "Nothing But The Whole"