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posted Jul 8, 2014, 5:02 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Jul 16, 2014, 4:34 PM ]


This week, we REALLY cross the lines of good taste here at Wormwood Chronicles as we grab our shovels and head out to the graveyard to uncover all the horrid facts about films inspired by body snatchers and grave robbing ghouls! First we take a look at the real life crimes of the two most notorious grave robbers of all time, BURKE AND HARE! Then we take an in-depth look at films inspired by their exploits, especially 1945's "The Body Snatcher" with BORIS KARLOFF, 1959's "The Flesh and The Fiends" with PETER CUSHING and 1985's "The Doctor And The Devils" with TIMOTHY DALTON! If you have enough nerve, join us on our midnight expedition HERE!

I can finally confirm that we will have a great interview with former TROUBLE frontman, current BLACKFINGER singer and all-around doom icon ERIC WAGNER! I'm also going to be doing the next Wormwood Files about the man cursed with two faces, EDWARD MORDRAKE! Plus interviews with NIGHTSATAN, GOATWHORE and DRUCKFARBEN on the way.

Lots of cool Torture Chamber material on the way, too. But first, here's this week's crazed collection...

EYEHATEGOD                                                                "Eyehategod"

BLOODY HAMMERS                                                        "Under Satan's Sun"

AXEGRESSOR                                                                "Last"

GREENLEAF                                                                   "Trails and Passes"

SHAVED WOMEN                                                            "Just Death"

METSATOLL                                                                   "Karajajuht"