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posted Sep 18, 2010, 3:53 PM by Unknown user
Another new interview is up at WORMWOOD CHRONICLES! This time around, Dark Starr talks to the intriguingly named progressive rock upstarts from England, THE PINEAPPLE THIEF! This is the only interview out there where ALL of the band are interviewed at the same time. Lots of smart remarks and musical insight are provided in this chat, which you can read RIGHT HERE!
The Cult of the Worm continues to expand! I warn you humanoids to beware the cry of MATTHULU! This black metal obsessed freak from the dregs of the cosmos (i.e., New Mexico) will start providing reviews and more for us with the very next update! He joins our other recent converts Thor and Solomon G. in the Cult. And I hope to announce the return of one of the fallen former brothers very shortly!
And of course, we have more gruesome reviews for you in the Wormwood Torture Chamber. Mark ye the latest filth on display:
TAROT                                                          "Gravity Of Light"
FLESHWROUGHT                                       "Dementia/Dyslexia"
SAHG                                                            "III"
THE BODY                                                    "All The Waters of The Earth Shall Turn To Blood"
BLACK ANVIL                                             "Triumvirate"
LIFELESS                                                       "Beyond the Threshold of Death"