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posted Jun 4, 2014, 7:38 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Jun 4, 2014, 7:38 PM ]


Sorry, humanoids, the Good Doctor and Wormwood Laboratories got engulfed by a storm of technological bullshit the last couple of weeks....i.e,, the Worm-computer got zapped by malware, which caused me to spend hours (and dollars) getting the damn thing fixed. Hence, the brief hiatus which is now over. My apolgies to you Wormfiends out there! Good news is, we are now back on track! And no better way to get back in the groove than an interview from our own DARK STARR! This time, Starr heads up to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada where he speaks to one of the most interesting bands from the Great White North, ELECTRIC SOUL! These dudes mix up prog, funk and hard rock in the most intriguing ways. Catch the talk with band engineer EDOUARD DUROCHER at this location!

After the hiatus, I'm rarin' to get back in action in a big way. Expect some major announcements in this spot soon!

And yes, your Torture Chamber withdrawal symptoms are now at a merciful end. Check out this wild and wooly edition!

BEHEMOTH                                                             "The Satanist"

ADMIRAL SIR CLOUDESLEY SHOVELL                        "Check 'Em Before You Wreck 'Em"

PRONG                                                                   "Ruining Lives"

E-MUSIKGRUPPE LUX OHR                                       "Spiralo"

EDGUY                                                                   "Space Police - Defenders of the Crown"

PRIZEHOG                                                              "Re-Unventing The Whool"