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posted Sep 11, 2010, 2:18 PM by Unknown user
Been a very busy week here at Wormwood Laboratories! In addition to the usual vivisection, head transplants and cross-species transfusions, we've managed to put up Sol G's first film review for "I SELL THE DEAD" as well as my interview with Sweden's masters of metal military history, SABATON! This brash band of power metal purveyors have been steadily making incursions into both the American and European theaters of operation. I talk to bassist Par Sundstrom about the difficulties of being mistaken for Nazis, their emotional journey to the site of the Jewish uprising in Poland and the terrifying attack on Par where his arm was broken by a mystery attacker a week before Sabaton's biggest show!!! Read all about it HERE!!!
The Torture Chamber continues to fill up with screaming victims and this week's batch has a slight southern flavor to it with new releases from both MOLLY HATCHET and KING GIANT being included. Here's the list:
KING GIANT                                                                           "Southern Darkness"
KATAKLYSM                                                                           "Heaven's Venom"
MOLLY HATCHET                                                                     "Justice"
INVASION                                                                              "Orchestrated Kill Maneuver"
KOZELJNIK                                                                             "Deeper The Fall"
BLASPHEMY RITES                                                                   "Hideous Lord"
GHAST                                                                                   "May The Curse Bind"
Also, I'm continuing to fill up the archives here at the new Wormwood site. As far as Torture Chamber reviews go, I'm now into the "D" section while interviews are almost through the "E" listing. Plus plenty of other old articles are being added, so wander around if you got enough nerve.
In the future, we'll have in-depth live reviews of SLEEP, NACHTMYSTIUM as well as an interview with Nachtmystium and more chats with DECREPIT BIRTH, THE PINEAPPLE THIEF and CARDIAC ARREST. Also, I can relate that I may be getting an exclusive interview with one of the most beloved B-movie masterminds ever! Keep your fingers crossed for that one!!!