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posted Apr 15, 2014, 7:13 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Apr 15, 2014, 7:30 PM ]


Take a trip with Wormwood Chronicles into the NEW Hyborian Age as I speak to modern day doom barbarians CONAN from England. These three grim warriors will escort you into a sonic age of high adventure! They play a primitive, mercilessly heavy kind of doom that is taking the metal world by storm, heard nowhere better than their punishing new album "Blood Eagle".  What makes these brutes go slower than almost anybody else? Do they truly draw their inspiration from the famous character created by Robert E. Howard? If ye be brave enough and strong of arm and ear, read on and discover the answers to thy queries HERE!

Always an adventure keeping a full house here at Wormwood Laboratories. I think soon we may have another prodigal son return to the fold, but I'll wait to share the happy news! I'm getting myself psyched up to attend the NYDM SPRING BASH in Milwaukee in a week or so...there I shall see the likes of POSSESSED, INTERNAL BLEEDING and DR. SHRINKER! And you will get a blow by blow description of it all!

Now we move to this week's Torture Chamber, which ranges in style from good-time 70's rock to gut-ripping brutal death to a prog metal supergroup!

PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT                                                    "From Crotch To Crown"

LOST SOCIETY                                                                          "Terror Hungry"

THE GOLDEN GRASS                                                                 "The Golden Grass"

FUOCO FATUO                                                                          "The Viper Slithers In The Ashes of What Remains"

THE WINERY DOGS                                                                   "The Winery Dogs"

LIE IN RUINS                                                                            "Towards Divine Death"