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posted Apr 8, 2014, 7:08 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Apr 18, 2014, 11:08 AM ]


Prepare to be torn limb from limb as the devious DERELIKT WAUGH interviewed the blood-spattered and filthy MIKE ABOMINATOR, lead growler for death metal titans GRAVEHILL and punk provocateurs DIRTY MIKE AND THE BOYS! You won't find a gnarlier, more spike encrusted soldier of metal than Mr. Abominator and he has a rollicking good time talking with the Derelikt about the new Gravehill album "Death Curse", the many influences he has, the story behind the cover art of "Death Curse" and his own surprising path to sobriety. It's mayhem without mercy, which you can sample HERE!

Lots of concert reviews upcoming. I just caught the Decibel tour at House of Blues in Chicago, featuring CARCASS and THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER. Pretty soon I'll be attending the best fest in the Midwest, the NYDM Spring Bash, featuring POSSESSED, JUNGLE ROT and a huge cast of the heaviest bands on Earth. I'll be covering that one wall to wall! Plus we might be getting a cool little stoner rock review from SOLOMON G.

Very large and tasty serving of raw sound at the Torture Chamber this week. See if you can swallow all of this!

THE GRAVIATORS                                               "Motherload"

KING PARROT                                                     "Bite Your Head Off"

MOUNT SALEM                                                   "Endless"

MUTILATED BY ZOMBIES                                     "Cymatics of Death"

BLIZARO                                                            "Strange Doorways"

EXMORTUS                                                        "Slave To The Sword"

GHOLAS                                                            "Litanies"

SWORDWIELDER                                                "Grim Visions of Battle"

MIRE                                                                 "Inward/Outward"