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posted Mar 18, 2014, 7:06 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Mar 18, 2014, 7:06 PM ]


And now for something completely different! Wormwood's eccentric wanderer OCTOPI MILLS ventures into the dark and enchanting forests of Finland to chat with KIMI KARKI, a man of many talents. He's been known for playing with the sadly disbanded doom metal monsters REVEREND BIZARRE, prog rock rebels ORNE and peculiar ambient space jockeys E MUSIKGRUPPE LUX OHR. But his most recent effort sees him venturing into the dark side of pure folk music on his solo release "The Bone of My Bones". Kimi had a great talk with Octopi, talking about all phases of his career, his "other" job as a Finnish cultural historian and his attraction to raw and pure acoustic music. It's a little something different from the usual raging mayhem we usually we cover at Wormwood and you can dive into the forest shadows HERE!

Working on grabbing an interview with veteran death metallers ACHERON and their Satanic high priest VINCENT CROWLEY. This will be in addition to interviews with CONAN, SATAN'S HOST and GRAVEHILL, a new Wormwood Files on Phantom Clowns, an article on "The Dark Night of the Scarecrow" and a report on the upcoming NYDM SPRING BASH. More in the works, stay tuned!

Got a extra huge chunk of the Torture Chamber this week, so be careful when you swallow this helping of reviews!

THE WOUNDED KINGS                                               "Consolamentum"

VORNTH                                                                   "Vornth"

DEF CON ONE                                                           "II"

SUNN 0)))/ULVER                                                      "Terrestrials"

CULTED                                                                    "Oblique To All Paths"

BODYFARM                                                               "The Coming Scourge"

LIONS OF TSAVO                                                      "Traverser"

KNOWING2FLY                                                         "Here On My Feet"

MORFIN                                                                   "Inoculation"