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posted Dec 24, 2013, 6:29 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Dec 24, 2013, 6:29 PM ]


Lovers of the grim and gothic should be especially happy to hang out with the subjects of my latest interview, Germany's THE VISION BLEAK. What better time to speak of witchcraft and foul deeds than the Christmas season? These guys are one of my favorite current bands...not only are they great devotees of classic horror, but they hit just the right blend between raging metal fury and gloomy goth atmospherics. For proof, check out their latest album "Witching Hour". It was an honor for me to pay a visit to the castle of ULF THEODOR SCHWADORF to discuss The Vision Bleak's concept of horror and metal. Herr Schwadorf proved to be a most interesting guest, so grab your crucifix and check out the interview HERE!

Will probably be taking a slight break next week, then it's onto 2014. We should have a talk with SKELETONWITCH and a review of the 8th annual ILDM Thanksgiving Bash up first, with plenty more goodies on the way.

Here's the Torture Chamber for this week, full of holiday cheer!

SATANIC MALFUNCTIONS                                                       "Them"

INQUISITION                                                                         "Obscure Verses From the Multiverse"

BEASTMILK                                                                            "Climax"

VARIOUS ARTISTS                                                                  "Will Sing For Food: Charity Compilation to Benefit Rock River Food Pantry"

OTARGOS                                                                               "Apex Predator"

SPACE MIRRORS                                                                     "The Other Gods"