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posted Dec 10, 2013, 8:04 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Dec 10, 2013, 8:04 PM ]


Forget gloomy doom metal and disgusting death metal for a week and join LORD RANDALL as he gets down with Norwegian/Swedish hard rockin' party boys BRUTUS! These dudes have caused a stir over in Europe with their fun 70's styled jams inspired by the likes of Cactus, Blue Cheer, Mountain, Cream and more and their new album "Behind the Mountains" is a neo-psych classic. Lord has a brew with members JOHAN, KIM and JOKKE and finds out why they prefer to rock with a smile on their face and also the truth about singer Jokke's funny looking dog and his upcoming marriage! It's a cozy and laidback chat with a band that should only be getting bigger as time goes on. Get the boogie flu HERE!

I can now confirm an upcoming interview with singer CHANCE GARRETT of SKELETONWITCH. Also might have a very interesting film chat with a well-established character actor soon...other interesting features in the works for 2014. And of course, our annual Top Ten lists will be coming soon!

Once you've had enough of Brutus' good-natured rocking, the latest Torture Chamber will be here to crush you skull with some heavy new reviews. This features the first new review from SOLOMON G in many a moon!

DRUGS OF FAITH                                            "Architectural Failures"

CONVULSE                                                     "Evil Prevails"

MOTORHEAD                                                  "Aftershock"

SKELETONWITCH                                            "Serpents Unleashed"

RELENTLESS                                                   "Souls of Charon"

DEEDS OF FLESH                                            "Portals Of Canaan"