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posted Nov 6, 2013, 5:25 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Nov 6, 2013, 5:26 PM ]
This week I head into a labyrinth of nasty pointy things to have a chat with Boston's lethal RAZORMAZE! This band is becoming one of the more notable thrash bands on the scene, with a complex, tuneful yet vicious sound reminiscent of the best of Megadeth and Forbidden, amongst others. I sit down with guitarist/vocalist ALEX CITRONE. Alex pulls no punches in his assessment of the current thrash scene and where Razormaze stands in it! How can the new school catch up with the old school? Find out Alex's answer and also get the dope on the band's stellar new album "Annihilatia". You can sample the slicing wit of Razormaze right HERE!
Got an extra large and rather wide-ranging edition of the Torture Chamber for you this week! Many dark delights from all over the world for you to sample...
SOULFLY                                                            "Savages"
RUNNING WILD                                                  "Resilient"
WITHEM                                                            "The Point of You"
EREB ALTOR                                                      "Fire Meets Ice"
CIRCLE                                                              "Incarnation"
FALCON (ex-Circle)                                             "Frontiers"
DEAD, WHITE & BLUE                                         "Mary Jane"
SPEEDTRAP                                                       "Powerdose"
DIESTO                                                             "For Water or Blood"
81db                                                                 "A Blind Man's Dream"