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posted Oct 29, 2013, 1:20 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Oct 29, 2013, 1:34 PM ]
Rejoice, ye Wormsters! Long-lost SOLOMON G returns to Wormwood Chronicles this week and he's got a red-hot interview with one of the ultimate underground rebel film-makers, WILLIAM HELLFIRE! The creator of such classicks as "Orgasm Torture In Satan's Rape Clinic" and "Duck! The Carbine High Massacre", Mr. Hellfire has just wrapped up production on his latest triumph, "Upsidedown Cross", a twisted tale of exorcism starring none other than DAVID YOW from The Jesus Lizard! Sol enjoys a surprisingly personal and in-depth conversation with William, that covers the mentality that goes into his frankly revolting films. Dive into this scorching look at the cinema of transgression HERE!
Not only has Solomon returned, but we now introduce a new member to the Wormcrew! Please welcome aboard DON S. MACCOBB, who this time around reviews the latest effort from THINNING THE HERD. We hope to hear much more from this doom-obsessed fiend in the future. There may be some more new names coming, too...time will tell!
THINNING THE HERD                                                         "Freedom From The Known"
THE VISION BLEAK                                                            "Witching Hour"
HORISONT                                                                        "Time Warriors"
IRON MAN                                                                         "South of the Earth"
GANDALF'S FIST                                                                "A Day In the Life of A Universal Wanderer"
ARMED FOR APOCALYPSE                                                   "The Road Will End"