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posted Oct 8, 2013, 6:46 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Oct 8, 2013, 6:46 PM ]
Our good comrade LORD RANDALL got to be an ornithologist for a little while and talk to the birdies! His most interesting chat was with PELICAN, particularly the kind native to Chicago, Illinois. There are only four members of this species, which is known for their extensive mastery of instrumental post-metal, and Lord got to speak to one of them...TREVOR DE BRAUW! You will find the results of that investigation HERE, as Mr. DeBrauw lets us know the innermost secrets and habits of this rare bird. Lots of curious musical and zoological lore for you humanoids to discover!
On the upcoming Wormwood front, I can confirm an interview with guitarist ALFRED MORRIS III of the underground doom legends IRON MAN! Coming soon will be interviews with HAVOK, WINDHAND, RAZORMAZE and prog darlings THE GABRIEL CONSTRUCT! Plus you're also gonna get my fond tribute to the recently deceased horror host SVENGOOLIE, a live concert review of an upcoming DYING FETUS/EXHUMED blowout and a new Wormwood Files all about the "Horrors of Headless Valley". Plus a few more goodies I'll be spilling the beans on soon...the debut of a new writer...and the return of a former contributor! Lots of things baking in the Wormwood oven!
Now let's segue into our weekly look at the Wormwood Torture Chamber...
ZEMIAL                                                             "Nykta"
ASHES OF ARES                                                "Ashes of Ares"
LYCUS                                                              "Tempest"
ORANSSI PAZUZU                                              "Valonielu"
VISTA CHINO                                                     "Peace"
PANZERCHRIST                                                  "The VIIth Offensive"