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posted Sep 10, 2013, 4:12 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Sep 10, 2013, 4:12 PM ]
This week our cheerful hearse-driving Worm-maniac from down south, RUSTY COFFINNAILS, does his first interview for Wormwood...and it's a doozy. He takes an extra large dose of anti-depressants so he can speak to SAL ABRUSCATO from the gloomy, doomy rockers A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH. Sal was a former member of TYPE O NEGATIVE and LIFE OF AGONY and the tradition of those bands continues with A Pale Horse, who have just released a beautifully grim album entitled "Lay My Soul To Waste". Join Rusty here as he gets under the skin of the Pale Horseman right HERE!
Good news and bad news on the Wormwood front. Unfortunately, the huge interview I was talking about a couple weeks ago evaporated. That was with the resurgent British gore-metal champions CARCASS. Yeah, that one really hurts. But a flood of good new stuff is coming our way, too! I can confirm interviews with New Orleans scummy sludge masters EYEHATEGOD, Chicago post-metal warriors PELICAN, classical doom wizards EARTHEN GRAVE, Rocky Mountain thrash kingpins HAVOK and possibly a couple of others. Plus my review of the very obscure 1962 monster flick "Hand of Death". We're also looking forward to live reviews of the DYING FETUS/EXHUMED blowout in Madison, WI and the 8th annual ILDM Thanksgiving Bash featuring MACABRE! So all is not lost!
Torture Chamber reviews for this week run a gamut of style and can be checked out below...
BLACK DAHLIA MURDER                                                "Everblack"
RAZORMAZE                                                                 "Annihilatia"
GOATESS                                                                     "Goatess"
EVILE                                                                           "Skull"
HOLLOW HAZE                                                              "Countdown to Revenge"
MONARQUE                                                                   "Lys Noir"