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posted Sep 4, 2013, 4:24 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Sep 4, 2013, 4:25 PM ]
It's been a long, long time since QUEENSRYCHE has been at the top of the metal world, but they have returned in majesty and Wormwood's got 'em! They've gotten rid of the ethically challenged Geoff Tate and replaced him with the golden tones of ex-CRIMSON GLORY man TODD LA TORRE! The resulting self-titled album sees these legends reaching heights not seen since "Empire". So several of us Worm-freaks teamed up to do a "round table" grilling of drummer and original member SCOTT ROCKENFIELD! Scott opens up about the band's new lease on life, how they made it through dark times, and what lies ahead! If you've ever enjoyed this band, you have got to read THIS INTERVIEW, conducted by DARK STARR, COLONEL ANGUS, JOSH TURNER and myself. It's a high point for Wormwood!
We've also got a maxi-sized edition of the Torture Chamber this week and boy, do we cover some high profile stuff...including Queensryche itself! Get a load of this line-up:
QUEENSRYCHE                                                      "Queensryche"
AUTOPSY                                                              "The Headless Ritual"
SATYRICON                                                           "Satyricon"
HAVOK                                                                  "Unnatural Selection"
CYNTHESIS                                                            "Re-Evolution"
SKID ROW                                                             "United World Rebellion: Chapter One"
MANEGARM                                                            "Legions of the North"
WOUND                                                                 "Inhale the Void"
EXTREMA                                                               "The Seed of Foolishness"
DEATH MECHANISM                                                "Twenty First Century"