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posted Aug 9, 2013, 5:44 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Aug 9, 2013, 5:44 PM ]
Long time followers of Wormwood Chronicles will probably know of the tremendous difficulties faced by our writer and good friend ED "EARTHDOG" BARNARD, who was made homeless when he was unable to afford medication for his many ailments. Ed is also world-famous as the guru of the awesome DOOMMANTIA website, which you can check out here. Ed's problems have become so bad in the United States that he recently threw in the towel and returned to his native Australia to get the proper care that the so-called "greatest country in the world" seems unable or unwilling to provide. The good news is, his health seems to be improving. The bad news is, he is still homeless. To give support, we now have this incredibly massive compilation of doom, sludge and stoner bands, the proceeds which will go to help Ed's situation. For a laughably cheap ten dollars, you get more than ONE GIG of top notch heaviness from all around the world. That works out to an unbelievable NINE HOURS PLUS of music from 85 BANDS. To give just the merest tidbit of bands, there are tunes here from  ALUNAH, BONEWORM, CHIMPGRINDER, CLAMFIGHT, UNDERSMILE,  IRON MAN, HOLLOW LEG, STONE MAGNUM, VULGARII and many, MANY more!
If you've ever been a fan of Earthdog's work with Wormwood or Doommantia or if you're a fan of doom metal in general or even if you are just a sympathetic person willing to lend a helping hand, please spare ten dollars and pick up the comp at the link below. You can really make a difference for somebody who deserves the help!!!!