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posted Aug 21, 2010, 8:28 AM by Unknown user
The plague is spreading its grisly sickness here at WORMWOOD CHRONICLES! Check out my new interview with vocalist/guitarist PATRICK MAMELI from the infamous Dutch death metal maniacs PESTILENCE! This is one of the best interviews of the year. Patrick is extremely honest in speaking about the past, present and future of his band and why oldschool metalheads never forget a mistake! He also shares some funny stories about former member Martin van Drunen, his respect for the band Immolation and some juicy exclusive tidbits about the next Pestilence album "Doctrine". This is a chat with a death metal legend you do not want to miss. Read the interview HERE!
We've also posted probably the most eclectic line up for Torture Chamber reviews ever! Here's the latest:
JEX THOTH                                           "Witness"
MALEVOLENT CREATION                          "Invidious Dominion"
CANVAS SOLARIS                                   "Irradiance"
NEGURA BUNGET                                    "Virstele Pamintului"
SPOCK'S BEARD                                     "X"
THE HORDE                                           "From Empire To Ashes"
I can also confirm that we've got interviews coming up from NACHTMYSTIUM, CAPTAIN BEYOND, SLEEP, CEPHALIC CARNAGE and more! Plus an all-new Wormwood Files on the Mongolian Death Worm!