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posted Jun 19, 2013, 6:45 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Jun 19, 2013, 6:46 PM ]
This week, Wormwood's answer to Gollum, OCTOPI MILLS, heads beyond the Misty Mountains and through the Black Gate of Mordor to speak to the dark lords of musical Tolkien worship, SUMMONING from Austria! This mysterious duo are the foremost interpreters of Middle Earth for the metal world, creating vast soundscapes that echo the fantastic landscapes of that unreal realm. Octopi was lucky (?) enough to speak to both PROTECTOR and SILENIUS about how Summoning creates their epics, about the great new album "Old Morning's Dawn" and of course about the influence of Tolkien upon their music. These guys don't open up like this very often, so gird your loins with a mithril codpiece and explore Summoning's dark world HERE!
Much hidden activity in the Wormwood labs. Exciting things are afoot. I'll be visiting the DAYS OF THE DOOMED in Milwaukee this weekend, where I hope to speak to rising doom band VENOMOUS MAXIMUS. My titanic report on MARYLAND DEATHFEST will be rising here soon, too. There are several MAJOR things in the works which I hope to reveal shortly, so stay tuned, Wormfiends!
Now, for this week's Torture Chamber harvest...and a most bounteous one it is, too, capped off by EARTHDOG's review of the widely anticipated BLACK SABBATH album "13"!!!
BLACK SABBATH                                     "13"
IMMOLATION                                          "Kingdom of Conspiracy"
INTEGRITY                                             "Suicide Black Snake"
TRISTANIA                                             "Darkest White"
ANGELS OF BABYLON                              "Thundergod"
ZENIT                                                    "The Chandrasekhar Limit"
RAVEN BLACK NIGHT                              "Barbarian Winter"
MALAS                                                   "Path To Holocaust"
FKU                                                       "4: Rise of the Mosh Mongers"