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posted Jun 12, 2013, 7:22 PM by Mike Korn
Sweden has always been an amazingly fertile source of great heavy metal and there's been no letup of fascinating new bands from there in recent years. One of the most exciting of the newer Swedish bands is TRIBULATION. This outfit made an awesome old school death metal debut with "The Horror" in 2009, but this year they blew the roof off with "The Formulas of Death"...an album which mixes a whole bunch of ambitious new sounds with their fierce metal assault. So it was a real treat when I got to speak to guitarist ADAM ZAARS about the rise of Tribulation, the band's approach to unorthodox songwriting and some of their plans for the future. Get on board with these phenoms by checking out this interview!
We've also got more Torture Chamber fun for you Worm-freaks out there! Six more bullets for this Chamber this time around...
KEN Mode                                    "Entrench"
SODOM                                       "The Epitome Of Torture"
THE RESISTANCE                         "Scars"
BLACK STAR RIDERS                    "All Hell Breaks Loose"
TRIBULATION                              "The Formulas of Death"
CARDINALS' FOLLY                      "Strange Conflicts of the Past"