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posted May 22, 2013, 6:30 PM by Mike Korn
Sorry, Worm-fans, no big interview or feature this week. Things are getting a bit thin around here, but good stuff is on the way. There will be no updates at all for this upcoming week, as the Good Doctor and captain of the sturdy ship WORMWOOD heads to Baltimore, Maryland to partake in the biggest underground metal festival in North America, MARYLAND DEATHFEST X! You can expect a blow by blow report on this titanic event that features VENOM, CARCASS, SLEEP and many, many more. I can also announce that I will be posting my interview with none other than PHIL ANSELMO of DOWN and PANTERA when I get back. I can tell you right now with no fear of compromising myself that this is the best and coolest and most surprising interview I have ever done for Wormwood and it will be a special treat for all fans of horror as well as metal! I am also preparing a heartfelt tribute to one of my great heroes who has recently passed away, the immortal RAY HARRYHAUSEN! Beyond that....well, we'll have to see, but there are plans for several interesting interviews afoot.
And now, we'll dive into this week's extra big edition of the Torture Chamber....many excellent bands featured this time!!!
BEYOND CREATION                                                    "The Aura"
HYPOCRISY                                                               "End of Disclosure"
KINGDOM COME                                                        "Outlier"
HOWL                                                                       "Bloodlines"
MOSS                                                                       "Horrible Nights"
SUMMONING                                                             "Old Morning's Dawn"
SCIENCENV                                                               "Last Album Before the End of Time"
IRON HEARSE                                                            "Get Into The Hearse"
ZOZOBRA                                                                  "Savage Masters"