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posted May 15, 2013, 7:08 PM by Mike Korn
Wormwood is proud to welcome Greece's oldest and most respected extreme metal band ROTTING CHRIST to our zine this week. The enigmatic OCTOPI MILLS journeys to the underworld to speak to SAKIS TOLIS about the history of this long-running band, their latest album "Kata Ton Daimona Eaytoy" and the struggles that Greece is undergoing. It's a cool philosophical chat with a deep thinker of the European metal scene and you can hear what Sakis has to say HERE!
I'll be travelling to Baltimore in less than 10 days to give you humanoids a live report from MARYLAND DEATHFEST X! This is the first time for me heading into the biggest underground metal fest in North America and who knows what I'll find there? You'll find out soon!
Quite an interesting line-up of malefactors on tap this week in the Torture Chamber. See for yourself...
LECHEROUS NOCTURNE                                        "Behold Almighty Doctrine"
CNOC AN TURSA                                                   "The Giants of Auld"
PYRITHION                                                           "The Burden of Sorrow"
NIACIN                                                                 "Krush"
VREID                                                                  "Welcome Farewell"
STICKMEN                                                            "Deep"