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posted May 8, 2013, 5:30 PM by Mike Korn
I get a chance to party and fraternize with one of the fastest-rising stars in the indy wrestling scene today, MR. SATURDAY NIGHT MICHAEL BARRY! A main stay in the rapidly expanding Traditional Championship Wrestling promotion, Mr. Barry is a dude that can brawl, haul and do it all. He was one half of the TCW tag team champs GENETIC PERFECTION and then had a meteoric rise to singles stardom as TCW Int'l Heavyweight Champion. What's the story behind this phenom? Find out in this interview....we learn who his idols were, how he got his start, what legends he's worked with and been inspired by, what it's like to be despised and then hear the cheers of the fans and many more tidbits. Wrestling fans, especially southern wrestling fans, you won't want to miss this one!
Will be leaving for Maryland Deathfest in just a couple weeks! Expect a monumental live report...if I survive!
Pretty cool stuff in the Torture Chamber this week. Don't miss EARTHDOG's poignant review of the final CATHEDRAL album "The Last Spire". I don't know how many more reviews we'll be getting from him, so savor this one!
CATHEDRAL                                                  "The Last Spire"
DGM                                                            "Momentum"
LOST SOCIETY                                              "Fast Loud Death"
WARTORN                                                    "Iconic Nightmare"
FLOTSAM & JETSAM                                      "Ugly Noise"
VICIOUS RUMORS                                        "Electric Punishment"