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posted Mar 19, 2013, 8:01 PM by Mike Korn
In our never-ending crusade to bring education to you dull humanoids out there, we can tell you that "Seven Against Thebes" is a play dating back to the ancient Greeks, written by the famed playwright Aeschylus. That's not all! It's also the name of an up and coming modern metal band that draws upon the legacy of bands such as Tool, Stone Temple Pilots and more. Our interstellar warrior DARK STARR recently spoke to 7AT frontman Cyrus "Rusty" Rhodes about the band and upcoming "Art of Deception" album. Mr. Rhodes is a pretty interesting guy...a triathlete and music critic in addition to front 7AT and he doesn't hold anything back in the interview, including his opinions about downloading and more. This interview is like a dart...short, sharp and making an impact. You can check it out HERE!
A really wild edition of the Torture Chamber this time! Can you believe black metal forefathers Venom, 70's prog heroes Focus, Norwegian occult rockers High Priest of Saturn and brutal deathcore upstarts The Modern Age Slavery all in the same bunch???
MOTHERSHIP                                                    "Mothership"
VENOM                                                             "Fallen Angels"
THE MODERN AGE SLAVERY                               "Requiem For Us All"
FOCUS                                                             "X"
DEATHCULT                                                      "The Test Of Time"
HIGH PRIEST OF SATURN                                  "High Priest of Saturn"