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posted Mar 12, 2013, 7:31 PM by Mike Korn
Many humanoids fear the darkness and unknown of death...but not all! Hailing from Fort Wayne, Indiana, the two-man extreme metal assault known as PTAHIL are very open about their embrace of death, disease and darkness. To prove it, they've unleashed two of the most hellish albums to escape from the American underground in a long time, the latest of which is "The Almighty Propagator of Doom and Despair". I recently ventured in the crypts beneath Fort Wayne to speak to drummer and sinister shaman JEFFREY MHAGHNUIS. The result is indeed one of the more unique interviews I have created...a far ranging discussion of religion, rebellion, chaos and of course, death! Sensitive souls should feel suitably warned. But if you want to find out what fuels a REAL extreme metal band, then read the interview HERE and good luck, brave soul!
Another heaping extra helping of the WC Torture Chamber is now available. Check out this peculiar list of pulsating pulchritude...
CIRCLE II CIRCLE                                          "Seasons Will Fall"
BLOCKHEADS                                                "This World Is Dead"
MY DYING BRIDE                                           "A Map Of All Our Failures"
DESTRUCTION                                              "Spiritual Genocide"
ZATOKREV                                                    "The Bat, The Wheel and the Long Road To Nowhere"
CANDLELIGHT RED                                        "Demons"
ARBOGAST                                                    "I"
HELL'S HEADBANGERS 7"'S                            "Various"
STRAIGHT ON TARGET                                   "Pharmakos"