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posted Mar 5, 2013, 7:24 PM by Mike Korn
The electrifying Earthdog returns to the age of leisure suits and roller boogie as he interview one of the very best proponents of 70's influenced hard rock, the band known as BLOOD OF THE SUN! Earthdog grabs a chat with keyboardist DAVE GRYDER, who explains why the band is so devoted to recreating the sounds of Mountain, Grand Funk Railroad, Montrose and many more legends of the 70's with their music. He also looks into their intriguing alliance with ex-TED NUGENT singer Derek St. Holmes and some of the reasons why they are more popular in Europe than America. It's a short, sharp interview with one of the best bands of their kind and you can check it out HERE!
To give some tantalizing hints about future Wormwood projects, I can confirm interviews with fast rising traditional metallers HOLY GRAIL, ultra-dark extremists PTAHIL and alt/modern rockers SEVEN AGAINST THEBES. We're working on a possible SUFFOCATION interview, a chat with enigmatic hooded soundtrack metallers THE DEVIL and maybe even Greece's all-time best metal band.
Plus a new Wormwood Files on THE GLOUCESTER SEA SERPENT, a Philm PHreaks look at "weird noir" obscurities and a possible concert review of the diabolical metalfest known as the Cathedral of the Black Goat. Your faithful Wormcrew has been real busy lately!
And now for the latest Torture Chamber, featuring some pretty heavy duty reviews...
MEGASCAVENGER                                                     "Descent of Yuggoth"
HOLY GRAIL                                                              "Ride the Void"
SUFFOCATION                                                           "Pinnacle of Bedlam"
WAR FROM A HARLOT'S MOUTH                                  "Voyeurs"
RECOVERY COUNCIL                                                  "Plan-Do-Check-Act"
MORTILLERY                                                             "Origin of Extinction"