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posted Feb 27, 2013, 6:30 PM by Mike Korn
Salutations, fear freaks and horror hounds! Your old pal Dr. Mality is on the job once more and this time my wanderings take me into the dungeon of the mysterious entity known as THE BONE JANGLER! This bewhiskered being from beyond space and time is one of that hallowed crew of celebrities known as the TV horror host! Mr. Jangler is one of the new breed of horror host who is turning the monster movie world upside down. I have a great in-depth chat with Bone about the big responsibility of being a horror host, his favorite movies, what he looks for in a film, his sexy Coven of cadaverous cuties, his unusual relationship with the legendary Svengoolie and much, much more! The Bone Jangler is a perfect subject for a Wormwood interrogation and you can read the results of that talk HERE!
We've got an extra big edition of the Torture Chamber this time around, with some wild differences in sound. Feast upon these morsels...
DEVOURMENT                                                                 "Conceived In Sewage"
YEAR OF THE GOAT                                                         "Angels' Necropolis"
YAYLA                                                                            "Nihailhayat"
MALNATT                                                                       "Principia Discordia"
KINGBATHMAT                                                               "Truth Button"
UNCLE ACID & THE DEADBEATS                                      "Blood Lust"
ADRENOCHROME                                                           "Hideous Appetities"
AUROCH                                                                        "From Forgotten Worlds"
WORSHIP                                                                      "Terranean Wake"
CORVUS STONE                                                             "Corvus Stone"