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posted Feb 19, 2013, 5:11 PM by Mike Korn
After more conflict and calamity than a Syrian clambake, the 150th edition of the Wormpost presents a yearly staple of Wormwood Chronicles: the annual BEST OF 2012 lists from the inmates here at Wormwood Asylum. This is our biggest and craziest collection yet and the releases are all over the map. To get an idea of the diversity, I now present the #1 release from each of us:
DARK STARR                                      Gandalf's Fist                                         "From a Point of Existence"
THOR                                                 Pig Destroyer                                         "Book Burner"
COLONEL ANGUS                                Rush                                                       "Clockwork Angels"
OCTOPI MILLS                                    Jimmy Page                                            "Lucifer Rising and Other Soundtracks"
JENS HELLROUTE                                Anatomia                                                "Decaying In Obscurity"
PROFESSOR JOCKO                             Testament                                              "Dark Roots of Earth"
DERELIKT WAUGH                               Skeletal Remains                                   "Beyond the Flesh"
LORD RANDALL                                   An Autumn For Crippled Children         "Only the Ocean Knows"
GREAT SUN JESTER                             Graveyard                                              "Lights Out"
DR. ABNER MALITY                              Enslaved                                                "Riitiir"
THRASH-HEAD                                    As I Lay Dying                                       "Awakened"
EARTHDOG                                         Herem                                                    "Herem II"
That is just the merest sample of the chaos within. You can see what the rest of our lists look like HERE!
And if that isn't enough for you masochists, here is our regularly scheduled list of Torture Chamber reviews to numb your brains...
TROUBLED HORSE                                          "Step Inside"
HELL MILITIA                                                 "Jacob's Ladder"
UNBURIED                                                     "Murder 101"
DOOMSDAY                                                    "Doomsday"
VOMITOR                                                       "The Escalation"
MONGREL                                                       "Reclamation"
SCELERATA                                                    "The Sniper"