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posted Feb 13, 2013, 5:02 PM by Mike Korn
We've got a very special interview for you Worm-fiends this time around. Wise metal heads will know the name of MARK "THE SHARK" SHELTON as a guarantee of quality when it comes to epic heavy metal. His legendary band MANILLA ROAD has fought and clawed for years to gain respect and now seems on the verge of a breakthrough. But one band is not enough to contain Mark's talent, as he has also unleashes HELLWELL upon the world...a more horror-oriented band featuring majestic spooky keyboards courtesy of his lifelong pal Ernie Hellwell. I've been lucky enough to talk to Shark before, but this latest in-depth interview leaves no stone unturned....we talk about subjects like keyboards in metal, the effect of "Rock Guitar" video games on music, the master serial killer H.H. Holmes. the upcoming Manilla Road album "Mysterium" and much, much more. I have never done a more in-depth interview for WC! And you get to check it out right HERE!
There was a tiny "blip" in Wormwood's online presence at the new .net address but it didn't last much more than a day. So keep telling your friends to find us at WWW.WORMWOODCHRONICLES.NET!
And now this week's extra big edition of the Torture Chamber!
DEFEATED SANITY                                          "Passages Into Deformity"
PTAHIL                                                          "The Almighty Propagator of Doom and Despair"
HEAD OF THE DEMON                                     "Head of the Demon"
COLDSTEEL                                                    "America Idle"
ZUUL                                                             "To The Frontlines"
SOLISIA                                                         "UniverSeasons"
ILL-DISPOSED                                                "Sense The Darkness"
DEUS OTIOSUS                                               "Godless"
BODRAGAZ                                                     "Symphony"
INFERNAL POETRY                                           "Paraphiliac"