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posted Feb 4, 2013, 6:39 PM by Mike Korn
Norway is often considered the lair of panda-faced Christ-hating black metallers, but LORD RANDALL discovers a different musical side to the land of fjords when he ventures to the bustling Arctic metropolis of Sorvik (Pop. 450) to speak to Norse power metal sensations CYCLOPHONIA! If you like speed and melody, you can't go wrong with these guys and their new album "Impact Is Imminent"(apologies to EXODUS). Randall has a chat with OYSTEN K. HANSSEN about the origins of the band, their long road to a record, what it's like to be from such a small town and many other secrets of CYCLOPHONIA! You will be hearing more from these guys soon, so check out the interview HERE and you can say you knew them when!
The Wormwood Top 10 of 2012 lists are coming soon, never fear! Got one straggler left and we'll be ready to unleash them on you all!
Now for the Torture Chamber and we have a wild and woolly one this time around, with a lot of range to it...
KAMELOT                                              "Silverthorn"
HATE                                                    "Solarflesh"
DEHUMANIZED                                     "Controlled Elite"
JUGGERNAUGHT                                   "Bring Back The Meat"
ATTIC                                                  "The Invocation"
SEAMOUNT                                          "IV: Earthmother"