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posted Jan 20, 2013, 9:33 AM by Mike Korn
Welcome to www.wormwoodchronicles.net! We are back in action after a long and unexpected layoff that had the future of the Wormwood franchise in serious doubt. Through a long string of circumstances that's a bit too long to go into here, we lost control of the www.wormwoodchronicles.com domain. Nothing malicious involved, even though it's a well-known fact that Dr. Mality is one of the most hated men on the internet! Thanks to some very hard work from technical genius SCARY DAN (see his work at www.scaryhouse.com), we have managed to move the old site completely over to its new location, losing no material in the process. Mucho thanks to the Scary Man! There's a chance that the .com domain may return, but we can't afford to wait that long, so welcome us back at www.wormwoodchronicles.net and be sure to let your fellow humanoids know about the change in URL!
Now we get back to action and we have a lot of plans. First, welcome aboard the latest WC miscreant, RUSTY COFFINNAILS, who debuts with a review of the latest from MAMMOTH MAMMOTH in the newly updated Torture Chamber. This cat is known to have a fetish for driving hearses (for real) and tends to dig all things heavy. We hope to see more of him soon!
Some of the other upcoming events here will include interviews with death metal's indestructible superman ROGGA JOHANSON (guitarist in too many projects to name easily), the Norwegian power metal upstarts CYCLOPHONIA and the legendary MARK SHELTON of MANILLA ROAD and HELLWELL. Plus we are mapping out features and interviews on a full range of nefarious subjects!
We are glad you humanoids are still with us. Please tell your fiends...er, friends...about the switch to WWW.WORMWOODCHRONICLES.NET!